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Most Requested Programs

Most Requested Programs

Pioneering Green: Stake Your Claim in the Sustainable Economy 

Corporate sustainability is a smart strategy for reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency through conservation. Strategic sustainability can also prepare your company to develop innovative products, increase market share, and engage stakeholders. This presentation shares straightforward and profitable ways to embed “triple bottom line” (economic, social and environmental) principles into your organization. This session equips participants from corporations, small and mid-sized enterprises, and non-profits to:

  • Identify and implement best practices and certifications by industry
  • Build internal capacity through executive and employee education
  • Leverage sustainability into a credible, cost-neutral public relations strategy
  • Ignite support from stakeholders to build industry reputation
  • Start and manage a company “green team”

Frameshifting: How to Rethink, Redesign and Renew Your World

The new economy can deliver extraordinary prosperity, but only to those that adapt. What if you could put on a pair of glasses that allows you to see emerging opportunities over the horizon before you miss them – and spot the shifts before they compromise your position? This program equips participants to:

  • Learn the “New 3 Rs” – Rethink, Redesign and Renew – a powerful method for human adaption to our rapidly changing world
  • Identify and leverage innovations to advance in your field or industry
  • Use design thinking to devise relevant solutions to meet local and global needs
  • Cultivate 7 key practices of frameshifters

V-O-I-C-E:  Mastering the Art and Science of Thought Leadership

Influence does not happen magically, but methodically by practicing the art and science of “thought leadership.” This workshop reveals the keys to developing and amplifying your voice by equipping participants to:

  • Identify unique differentiators for developing your personal brand and/or public voice
  • Articulate expertise for key audiences
  • Develop a platform for sharing ideas in traditional and digital media
  • Leverage knowledge to gain industry and media recognition
  • Avoid pitfalls and tripwires that can compromise your reputation

Natural Grown Leader: Developing Your Potential to Be Influential

Why leave the world changing to the few natural born leaders when you can become a “natural grown leader” instead?  This high-impact, flexible training session equips participants to:

  • Understand the 9 natural laws of leadership
  • Tap in to core values, unique opportunities, and hidden potential
  • Develop a personal leadership style that transcends position
  • Start building a plan and a platform
  • Take immediate action for turning your big idea into reality