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Taking Flight

Taking Flight


Taking Flight is an anthology focused on living in right relationship with each other in inclusive, Christ-centered communities through forms of mutual submission and blended authority, based on gifting and humility (rather than gender) which restores dignity, achieves balance, and empowers all. How that is modeled authentically in personal, professional, local, and global settings will inspire others and have a lasting impact on the human family and the planet. Featuring Cynthia LaGrou, Frank Viola, President Jimmy Carter, Jonathan Brink, Becky Garrison, and Anna Clark. Edited by Cynthia LaGrou. Published by Wikiklesia Press in association with Samizdat Creative.

Praise for Taking Flight

Taking Flight is an important project that brings together a rich array of diverse voices to discuss the issues facing women in our world today. It is refreshing and challenging to read a book like this that provides strong theological groundings, historical perspectives and examples from today’s world that are both instructive and insightful. I would highly recommend this book.”

– Christine Sine, Executive Director Mustard Seed Associates and author of Tales of a Seasick Doctor, Survival of the Fittest: Keeping Healthy in Overseas Travel and Service, and Sacred Rhythms: Finding a Peaceful Pace in a Hectic World