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Dynamic, passionate, collaborator is what immediately comes to mind when I think of Anna. She has the power to initiate and build synergy among quality stakeholders around opportunities. She does an outstanding job of connecting with people and building quality relationships.”

- Nathan Loftice, Planning & Business Sustainability, BNSF Railway (a Berkshire Hathaway Co.)

Anna excels at thinking like and using the language of the customer. This ability results in messages rich in value and relevance, which leads to quality customer engagement and win-win business for all parties.”

- Michael Martin, president of MM Solar Advisory

Anna Clark is the Taylor Swift of communication – as talented at crafting meaningful messages as Swift is at translating feeling into sound.”

- Barry Stevens, Ph.D., president of TBD America

I met Anna Clark when she was a consultant at the World Bank developing content to showcase global best practices for sustainable value chain finance. As Research Director of the SMU Hunt Institute, I hired her to help organize the largest ever climate change conference in Dallas. We also launched the Inclusive Economy Consortium, and Anna plays an important leadership role in its implementation.”

- Eva Csaky, Ph.D., research director, Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity, SMU

Thought leadership strategy from Anna Clark has driven the Texas Trees Foundation to better articulate our sustainability efforts, to streamline and maximize our education outreach, and has helped us identify strategic partnerships to advance our environmental goals and mission.”

- Janette Monear, president and CEO, Texas Trees Foundation

Anna gave the keynote address at our annual Sustainability Summit. The audience gave her rave reviews. She captivates the audience by focusing on positive solutions and motivates people to begin working in their own circle of influence to take actions that will heal, rather than harm, our planet.”

- Georgeann Moss, Director of Internet Publishing, Dallas County Community College District

We were elated to host Anna Clark as one of our plenary speakers at our Mission and Environment Conference in Orlando, Florida. Anna was the perfect fit as she unraveled the economic, health, and spiritual benefits of having a greener lifestyle. In a time of economic uncertainty, her session was of great benefit to many Salvation Army leaders in charge of budgeting, grants, and fund-raising. She was well prepared and active in the weekend beyond what she was asked to do. Anna was a great addition to our conference. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

- Jill Penhale, Divisional Missions Project Coordinator, The Salvation Army, Florida Division