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Green, American Style

Green, American Style

One person can make a difference: this book will show you how and why.

Americans of all stripes are finding their footing in the green movement. Are you curious about earth-friendly living but confused by the hype? Green, American Style offers practical advice for saving money, getting healthy and protecting your future. You’ll discover how our families, our businesses and our communities can lead the change by simply conserving and sustaining our most precious resources.

Praise for Green, American Style

“Well done, Anna! The more those of us who are helping our planet recover from the ravages to which we have subjected it are made to seem normal and correct, the more ‘Joe and Josephine Citizen’ will be inclined to do their bit without thinking that they’re behaving on the fringes. This is a book everyone should read!”

Tony Frost, former head of the World Wildlife Foundation in South Africa; author of After the Rain

“Dispelling the eco-hype and celebrating a sustainable model of ‘business better than usual,’ Anna Clark makes going green seem as American as (organic!) apple pie. Read Green, American Style, then pass it along to a friend. It will change your life—satisfaction guaranteed.”

– Matthew Sleeth, author of Serve God, Save the Planet, and Nancy Sleeth, author of Go Green, Save Green

“Anna Clark provides a practical guide for those wanting to learn more about minimizing the impact their lives have on our planet, especially as consumers. Clark’s insights, drawn from her personal journey to living sustainably, make this book a joy to read.”

– Jim Thomas, vice president of corporate social responsibility, JCPenney

“In Green, American Style, Anna Clark takes the outsized and overwhelming world of sustainable living—from the living room to the corporate boardroom—and turns it into an engaging and detailed look at the green economy that’s rapidly taking root across the country. Through extensive interviews with green leaders ranging from oil tycoons to suburban chicken farmers, Green, American Style makes the case that every individual and every business can play a part in and benefit from the greening of America.”

– Matthew Wheeland, editor of